Main atraction


Built back in 447 BC to honor the goddess Athena (the patron of Athens) as a tribute to her protection during the Persian War, Acropolis is a definite must see while on the Hellenic land.

The National Archaeological Museum

The remarkable museum houses a rich collection (20.000 exhibits) of important artifacts from Greek antiquity dating back to Neolithic era (6800–3000 BC). For only a few euros, you will have access to the magnificent treasure of the Greek civilization, art, and history which is displaying incredible pieces of sculpture, pottery, jewellery, fresco, and artifacts.

Agora-Athens Central Market

Agora is one of the most animated places in the Greek capital. People do not only come here for their shopping, but it is also a point of meeting old friends, create new contacts and discuss life and current events.


One of the best places to feel the Greek culture and vibe is to wonder on the winding streets of the Plaka District. Plaka is the perfect place for an early coffee, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, offering a surreal premium visitor attraction. The area is renowned for its food, boutique shops, and cafes and also for the Jewish Museum, Folk-Art Museum and Saita Taverna.


Psiri amazes with endless small streets overflowing with cafes, ouzeries, restaurants, bars, clubs, theatres and galleries, being the perfect place to lose yourself into the lavish Greek culture and lifestyle.

Monastiraki Flea Market

The Flea Market is offering a mixture of tourist shops, clothing stores, fur and vintage and modern jewelry stores. On Sundays, local people sell here their unwanted stuff and it is a wonderful place where to find unique items.

Syntagma Square

The Changing of the Guards in Athens Greece is definitely a must-see event. Syntagma Square houses the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Hellenic Parliament building. The monument is guarded around the clock by the Evzones, an elite unit of the Greek army. The Grand Change takes place every Sunday at 11.00am, offering to the visitors a fantastic show as the guards are dressed in their traditional uniform.